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24 Let's Read and Find Out Science Readers Homeschool Books

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What a treasure! This set of 24 vintage Let's Read and Find Out Science Readers for kids are from the 1960s-80s and in great condition. All are hardcovers.

Books include:

  1. What Makes Day and Night
  2. A Map is a Picture
  3. Use Your Brain
  4. Caves
  5. Green Grass and White Milk
  6. Watch Honeybees With Me
  7. Animals in Winter
  8. A Drop of Blood
  9. Sleep is for Everyone
  10. Ducks Don't Get Wet
  11. Hot As An Ice Cube
  12. Rain and Hail
  13. Seeds by Wind and Water
  14. The Emperor Penguins
  15. What Happens to a Hamburger
  16. A Jellyfish Is Not A Fish
  17. The Moon Seems to Change
  18. Energy From the Sun
  19. No Measles, No Mumps For Me
  20. My Daddy Longlegs
  21. The Sunlit Sea
  22. Plants in Winter
  23. Follow Your Nose
  24. Salt






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