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A Child's Story Garden, Elizabeth Heber, 1905, Hardcover

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The stories in A Child's Story Garden were selected for their literary value and also to guide the child's moral development.

Elizabeth Heber was a school teacher and she suggests that these stories are suitable for classroom use as well as for families to read aloud.

The stories in this collection are Siegfried, the King's Son, The Song of the Pine Tree, A Christmas Story, The Myth of Arachne, The Birds of Killingworth, The Myth of Pan, The Bell of Atri, The Anxious Leaf, Coming and Going, How the Dimples Came, The Proud Little Apple Blossom, The Brave Knight, King Robert of Sicily, The Great Stone Face, The First Christmas Tree, The Story of Abraham, The Story of Moses, The Story of David, The Story of Joseph, The Courtesy of the Spartan Boy, and Twenty-third Psalm.

This hardcover from 1905 is in good condition.