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Gateway to the Great Books Vintage Gray and Black Masculine Mid-Century Shelf Styling Prop 1963

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This fantastic book set is a complete set in 10 volumes of Encyclopedia Brittanica's Gateway to the Great Books series, published in 1963. An authentic touch to your mid-century modern home, this set will delight visually and intellectually for years to come!

Volumes in this set:

1 - Introduction and Synoptical Guide
2 - Imaginative Literature
3 - Imaginative Literature
4 - Imaginative Literature
5 - Critical Essays
6 - Man and Society
7 - Man and Society
8 - Natural Science
9 - Mathematics
10 - Philosophical Essays


These are all vintage books and show various signs of aging, which may include damaged spines, smudges, fading, bumped corners, etc. All these natural signs of age are what make vintage books such a unique, charming, and cozy design choice!