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Gray Vintage Books, Old Books for Shelf Styling, Masculine Home Office Shelf Decor

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This set of six vintage mid-century gray and black decorative books is perfect for bookshelf decor or for use as a Zoom background. This handsome set combines interesting titles and topics along with the gorgeous gray color, making this a lively conversation piece as well as a decorative element for your home or event.

Included in this set:

The Achievement of American Criticism, 1954
Great Expectations, Charles Dickens, 1985
A History of the Americas, Volume 1, 1950
A History of Private Life, Volume 5, 1991
The Papers of Jefferson Davis, Volume 2, 1974
Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds, 1960

This set is 9.25 x 7 inches.


These are all vintage books and show various signs of aging, which may include damaged spines, smudges, fading, bumped corners, etc. All these natural signs of age are what make vintage books such a unique, charming, and cozy design choice!