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Natural History of the Pacific Northwest Mountains, Daniel Mathews, 2017

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“Everything you could possibly want to know about the plants, animals, geology, climate and fungi of the Pacific Northwest mountains.” —The Oregonian

Natural History of the Pacific Northwest Mountains is an engagingly written, portable history of Cascadia. It includes details about and identification tips for the flora, fauna, and geology of the region. If you are looking for a simple way to discover the great outdoors, this is the perfect overview of the Pacific Northwest.
Covers the Coastal and Cascade Mountain Ranges, as well as the Olympic Mountains and Coast Mountains of southern British Columbia
Describes more than 950 species of plants, animals, and mushrooms with helpful keys for easy identification
User-friendly, color coded layout
Compelling stories of the region’s plants, animals, and people bring the mountains alive
The essential trailside reference for naturalists, hikers, and campers

This flexible-cover book is in good condition.