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Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, MGM Movie Tie-In Edition, 1945 Hardcover

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Our Vines Have Tender Grapes was written by George Victor Martin and made into a popular movie by MGM in 1945. 

The story traces Norwegians living in rural Wisconsin with particular focus on the Jacobson family, consisting of father Martinius ,mother Bruna and 7-year-old Selma. Selma's cousin Arnold is also featured, as is the editor of the local paper, other farming neighbors and the new school teacher. It also provides an episodic look at a year in the life of a community, with tragedy, comedy, and human emotions such as self-sacrifice, generosity and parental love.

This book was sourced from the estate of an avid book collector. Inscription on inside front cover with purchase information and name of owner. Original inscription as well, dated 1945. Taped dust jacket.