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Book Plates from Linenette Book of Trains Train Cars

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This set of four images are based on oil paintings by Frif Teller and were from a book called The Linenette Vintage Book of Trains from 1949.

This book was too damaged to sell, so I saved the pages as best I could to be used as frame-able art. 

I have kept these 2 two-page spreads together so you can frame them together or separate them. One one side of the first 2-page spread is a series of different train cars. On the other is "stream-line motor train" with heavy pencil marks all along the bottom.

On the second two-page spread is another series of train cars and "The Fast Mail" with pencil all over image and "The Limited Leaving the Busy Yards" on the other side. 

These book pages also have water stains along the edges. Very sturdy paper. Each page is 12 inches tall and just over 9.75 inches across. 






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