My New Project - The Book Hunt Newsletter!

Book Hunt Newsletter

Hi friends!

If you are on my Secret Sale email list, you have probably seen the new project I started that allows me to share books I've found around the web while shopping for inventory. Many of these books are not a good fit for the shop because of budget, subject, etc. But they ARE perfect for someone, and I found myself wanting to share them with you even though they aren't from my shop. 

After creating a few newsletters that featured just these types of books and getting great feedback, I decided to turn this into a separate newsletter called Book Hunt. 

Each newsletter will feature old and new books that I've found from all over the web, from auction sites to discount book sellers to Facebook Marketplace and beyond. Join me as we travel all over the web finding great books at great prices for your home library!

You can join this list here or click the image above!


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