Sourcing Antique Books From France For the Book Store

Sourcing Antique Books From France For the Book Store


I recently did something I’ve never done before. I found a source for antique leather-bound books in France and bought about 130 books from them! It was an interesting process. First, I messaged them in English. I got a reply in French, which I threw into Google Translate. We went back and forth like this until we agreed on terms, and then I ordered the books.

When they arrived, I was excited to share the unboxing on Instagram and am now working on getting them all bundled and listed.

My hopes with this experiment are simple: to make my money back and then some. It cost a lot of money to source these books but they are very special and will hopefully be sold at a premium. I’d be very happy to continue to expand my offerings of more antique titles in this way, as these are much harder for me to find in my day-to-day sourcing locations. And everyone loves French books!

Based on this experiment, I decided it was time to have a category under Book Bundles for Antique Leather Bound sets. Here’s to more in the future!


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