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Book Plates for Framing, Vintage and Antique Book Art Prints, 14 pieces

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Sometimes books can't be repaired, so I carefully preserve the antique and vintage pages to offer as scrapbooking, card making, and junk journaling material.

These fourteen (14) mixed pages were taken from vintage and antique art books and are all suitable for framing rather than using for crafting. 

These sets contain:

One 19.75 x 15 antique Presidential Portrait

One paste-down Utrillo art print on 13.75 x 10 inch paper

Three 15 x11 Audubon Bird Prints

Three 15 x 11 Impressionist art prints

Three 9x12 maritime-themed prints

Three 14.75 x 11 abstract design prints

Pages are naturally aged and variously fragile. May have spotting, water rings, and other signs of aging. These are all vintage or antique book pages from actual books.