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Penn Publishing Handbooks, Antique Green Books for Display, 1900s

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This amazing book set is from a series called the Penn Publishing Handbooks from the first decade of the 1900s. Varying topics from prominent figures are featured in these gorgeous miniature green books with silver accents. Rare and hard to find, especially this many titles at once!

In this set:

Law 1902 Pascal H. Coggins
Whist 1901 Cavendish
Letter Writing 1903 Agnes H. Morton
Oratory 1899 Rev. Henry Ward Beecher
Pronunciation 1902 John H. Bechtel
Synonyms 1903 John H. Bechtel
Quotations 1902 Agnes H. Morton
Things Worth Knowing 1902 John H. Bechtel
Conversation 1902 J. P. Mahaffy
Slips of Speech 1903 John H. Bechtel
Punctuation 1903 Paul Allardyce
Proverbs 1902 John H. Bechtel
Classical Dictionary 1902 Edward S. Ellis

This set is 6 inches tall by 9 inches across.


These are all vintage books and show various signs of aging, which may include damaged spines, smudges, fading, bumped corners, etc. All these natural signs of age are what make vintage books such a unique, charming, and cozy design choice!